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Daybreak, 375 mL

  • About the Wine:Taking Muscat to the next level is the idea behind our DAYBREAK, Signature Solera. The process starts with the fortification of the lightly fermenting Muscat juice with grape brandy. Rich and fruity with woody Muscat character, caramel with a touch of toasted nuts. Hints of orange peel, apricot and honeysuckle aromas meld nicely with the subtleties of French oak aging. This wine has approximately 19.4 gm/100 mL residual sugar, coupled with it its 18.5% alcohol, it is wonderfully balanced and a delightful end to any meal.

      This “Port-style” wine is then placed into older French oak barrels. After several months in barrel, the young wine enters into the solera process, a technique made famous by Spain’s sherry producers. In the solera process, older mature wines are blended or topped with younger wines. Adding young wine to old wine or vice versa, brings a layer of complexity and this creates and establishes consistency. The new wine immediately takes on characteristics of the older wine and continues to age further in the barrels. It's akin to the old wine teaching the new wine. This method brings depth and complexity to a young wine, while moderating the age and complexity of the older wine with a burst of freshness.
  • About the Vineyard:Various
  • Varietal:Muscat
  • Vintage:NV
  • Type:Sweet Dessert White Wine
  • Alcohol %:18.5
  • pH:3.77
  • TA:0.53 g/100mL
  • Residual Sugar:19.4 g/100mL
  • Wine Volume (mL):375

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